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Where are the cakes made?

What flavours are inside your cakes?

What is confectioners cream?

What allergens are inside your cakes?

How long will my cake stay fresh for?

How much notice do you need?

Can I have a photo on my cake?

Can I order a plain cake?

I have a bespoke design, how do I order?

What does small, medium and large scan mean?

Who do I contact about my order?

Can I cancel my order?

How do I transport my cake?

Do you deliver?

Who do I contact about an issue?


How much are your cakes?

How big are your cakes?

How many people do they feed?

What makes them a budget cake?

Do the cakes come assembled?

How do I transport the cake?

How do I store the cake?

How do I cancel?

How do I order?

Do you deliver?

How long do the cakes last?

How much do I pay?

I want to discuss / change my order, who do I contact?

What allergens are in your cakes?

How much notice do you need?

I have ordered my cake, is it now confirmed?

Can I order the cake in my colour scheme?

Can I order my own design in a different size?

Do you make bigger sizes?

There is an issue with my cake, who do I contact?